Project at a Glance

  • Lifetime Extension project - 9 years until 2025
  • 11-turbine layout as currently in operation 
  • Turbine heights of 108m as currently in operation
  • 25.3 MW of renewable energy to the Irish electricity grid
  • 38 Kv connection overhead line from the Taurbeg Wind Farm to Glenlara 11 0/38Kv
  • Substation as currently in operation
  • Total Community Benefit Fund of €23,000 a year to local community groups will continue and will be increased year-on-year by 2% over the next 9 years
  • Commitment to all existing agreements
  • Continuation of annual rates payments of approx. €250,000 to Cork County Council 

Since 2006, Taurbeg Wind Farm has been a cornerstone of Ireland’s renewable energy sector, powering homes and fuelling our economy with clean electricity. Now, after nearly two decades, 11 turbines stand as an example of an eco-friendly innovation, harnessing our natural resources to deliver clean, sustainable power.

With a shift towards electric heat pumps, electric vehicles and electrical heating processes in industry, our nation’s electricity needs are rising and consequently, Taurbeg’s role is more vital than ever. However, this project is nearing a critical point in its continued contribution to Ireland’s 2030 targets and the wind farm’s future energy potential has needed to come under careful consideration.

Taurbeg Ltd is applying for a nine-year Lifetime Extension, aiming to continue to support Ireland in combating climate change and bolster the nation’s commitment to renewable energy. Wind farms like Taurbeg saved 1.6 billion euro last year (2023) on imported gas that would have been used for electricity generation.


What is a Lifetime Extension?

The Lifetime Extension (LTE) process is a considered approach to maintain and enhance wind turbine operations beyond their initial lifespan. The turbine layout and the number of turbines, along with other additional infrastructure, such as access roads and the substation, remain unchanged.

This process is essential for maximising the value of the existing wind energy assets, ensuring continued renewable energy production, and supporting the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

A full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be undertaken, the results of which will be presented within an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and submitted with a planning application to Cork County Council.

Taurbeg turbine layout map