We take a lot of pride in our Community Engagement approach. At Statkraft, we aim to develop and maintain strong relationships with the communities where we work. Engagement begins at the early stages of the development process and runs right through the project life cycle, as we believe successfully delivering these projects requires a partnership based on trust and compromise. During consultation, our objective is not to seek support for the proposal; it is to provide information to allow you to develop your own considered opinion, based on accurate information, on what this proposal has to offer. As this process develops, we will continue to work with you to ensure that this wind farm delivers effective climate action while also delivering for the local area.

We aim to visit all residents within a 1.6km radius of a project that we are developing so that local people can meet the project's dedicated Community Liaison Officer, discuss the project and provide feedback which is used to inform the project design. 

Our Community Team are always available to meet local residents and/or community groups to discuss any aspect of the project. You can reach out to the dedicated Community Liaison Officer using the contact information available on our ‘Contact Us’ page or leave feedback on our Project Feedback Form. 

  • Young girl at a wind farm
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  • 4 Statkraft engineers at the base of a turbine
  • Community Liaison Officers in the community