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Project Being Considered


Taurbeg Ltd is applying for a nine-year extension of its operational lifetime, aiming to continue to support Ireland in combating climate change and bolster the nation’s commitment to renewable energy.

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Project Acquisition


The strategic acquisition of Taurbeg Wind Farm took place in August 2023 when Statkraft bought a portfolio of operating wind farms from London-listed investment firm TRIG, or The Renewables Infrastructure Group. 

The purchase of these onshore wind assets, all of which are in Ireland and have a total capacity of approximately 35MW. This move underscores Statkraft’s commitment to sustainable development and showcases the potential of older wind farms (some of which have been operating since 2000) to remain valuable contributors to Ireland’s economic stability through the reduction of wholesale electricity prices. 

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Sustainability matters


Acting more sustainably in the present means a better future for us all.

Discover how we bring sustainable initiatives to our projects.

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Working with Communities


When we are engaging with communities, we aim to provide information at an early stage in the development process. Building on the feedback we get from these communities, we work to bring forward proposals that are suitable for the local area.

We value open and honest feedback from local communities as they can inform the design process, and ultimately influence the project layout.

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