Our Shared Responsibility

As climate change worsens, extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent. Record-breaking temperatures, rainfall and storms are already leading to chaos and devastation around the world and will continue to upend lives unless we act.

Lighthouse amidst very high stormy waves

We have also seen how conflict and geopolitical tensions can affect our energy security and lead to significant price increases. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine resulted in spikes in oil and gas prices, increasing the cost of living for people and businesses across Europe.

While these might seem like huge challenges, they can be overcome if we work together. 

Our politicians in Government must lead the way, demonstrating that they can properly guide our country and its people towards a sustainable future with increased energy security. Local Authorities also need to step up by identifying and promoting opportunities to roll out suitable developments in their counties, that can play a part in addressing our future energy needs. 

As a developer, Statkraft’s aim is to develop projects that are suitable and appropriate to the local area. This is done through careful site selection and engagement with all stakeholders to get their feedback. We want local areas to benefit from renewable energy projects in their community.

Finally, as individuals, we all need to assess our own carbon footprints and support the rollout of renewables – not only to protect the environment and the planet but to safeguard our families and future generations to come.