How this project has evolved over time 

At the initial stages of consideration, designers drafted a project outline that would maximise the wind energy potential of the site. Placing local appropriateness as a fundamental consideration, further optimisation of this design was carried out. Following feedback received during initial community engagement, distance to houses, number of turbines, shadow flicker and noise were also considered. It was found that it was possible to reduce turbine numbers further and improve the general performance levels of the proposed wind farm by increasing the tip height by 35m.

The design changes are set out in the following table:

Gortloughra Project Evolution

  Concept Design Current Design Proposal
Distance to Houses 700m 700m
Number of Turbines 9 8
Shadow Flicker Eliminated - no shadow flicker Eliminated - no shadow flicker
Turbine Height 175m 175m
Potential Capacity c. 54MW c. 48MW

Design Stages

This proposal is still at the design stage and as such details of the proposal may change. Our community engagement team will be working in the area to ensure that information is available and that you have an opportunity to discuss the various aspects of this proposal.

Overview of the Design Stages

Design Stage % Design Description
Initial Scoping 0 - 40% Based on high-level information
Preliminary Layout 40 - 80% Fluid and frequently open to change
Design Layout 80 - 100% Sufficiently fixed to allow meaningful discussion
Planning Layout 100% Fixed for presentation to the appropriate planning authority

We would be very interested in hearing what ideas you have on how this wind farm could deliver the most benefit to you and your local area.