Supporting Local Culture and Heritage 

The Gortloughra area is recognised as being rich in historical and cultural heritage, with a number of important archaeological features such as mass rocks and stone rows. Archaeological surveys have been ongoing, and a report based on the findings will be published alongside the planning documentation.  

If this project is successful in securing planning, measures will be taken to guarantee the protection of these important features: 

  1. A licensed archaeologist will be present on site throughout the entire construction process to carry out all necessary monitoring and reporting.
  2. If any subsurface features are found during the construction process, the area will be cordoned off, and the findings cleaned and recorded in situ. The National Monuments Service will also be immediately contacted to determine what protection measures should be put in place.

In addition, the regeneration of the old ‘Butter Road’ into a walking/archaeological trail is being considered to further protect and promote this rich landscape. This is subject to agreement with local stakeholders. 

Butter Road location map for Gortloughra