Project Updates

The Ummeras Wind Farm proposal is currently in the planning process. One of the first steps in this process is to provide a scoping report to statutory consultees which will seek to give an outline of what is being considered and invite feedback. This scoping report was distributed mid-February 2020 and initial engagement with individuals in the local and wider area commenced shortly thereafter however, face to face meetings and house calls were subsequently ceased immediately upon onset of the Covid-19/Coronavirus situation.

We would like to provide reassurance to all who may have an interest in this proposal, that we are continuing to answer all queries and provide information to anyone who contacts us. We remain committed to engaging in a positive and proactive way at an early stage in the development process with the view to not only providing open, transparent and accurate information but also to receiving feedback on what is being considered. The planning application for this proposal was submitted to the relevant local planning authorities in early 2021.

Q3 2021 Update

With the Ummeras Wind Farm application still being in the Planning Phase, it is now intended to include a temporary Meteorological Mast (met mast) on the site. The met mast requires no additional planning permission, however, will meet the following requirements:

  1. No such mast shall be erected for a period exceeding 15 months in any 24-month period
  2. The total mast height shall not exceed 80 metres
  3. The mast shall be at a distance of not less than:

        a. the total structure height plus:

            (i) 5m from any party boundary

            (ii) 20 metres from any non-electrical overhead cables 

            (iii) 20 metres from any 38kV electricity distribution lines

            (iv) 30 metres from the centreline of any electricity transmission line of 110kV or more

        b. 5 kilometres from the nearest airport or aerodrome, or any communication, navigation and surveillance facilities designated by the Irish Aviation Authority, save with the consent in writing of the Authority and compliance with any condition relating to the provision of aviation obstacle warning lighting.

  4. Not more than one such mast shall be erected within the site
  5. All mast components shall have a matt, non-reflective finish

Currently, the RESS 2 scheme is being developed and it is understood that the Dept. of Environment, Climate and Communications would like to have a form of citizen investment included.

Given the published timetable for RESS 2, we expect that the Ummeras Wind Farm project will be a RESS 3 project.