• A grid services facility adjacent to the existing substation
  • This facility would deliver inertia and reactive power services to the grid
  • The majority of the equipment required would be housed
  • This facility would link into the existing substation, essentially applying a smoothing effect on the electricity as it passes through the equipment in the facility ultimately delivering frequency and voltage stability to the grid system
  • It will not require additional overhead lines or generate power and would not be a manned facility
  • It will provide grid stability to the greater Maynooth area as well as the national grid and reduce the need for new overhead lines

In order to achieve our ambitious energy targets, inertia and reactive power grid services such as that proposed here are crucial to ensure that the grid system will run efficiently and cost-effectively while also retaining the security, stability and reliability expected by consumers.



This proposal would be located to the south of the existing Maynooth 220kV substation adjacent to the R406.


Taghadoe location map

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At Statkraft, we are very much aware of the importance of having a mix of renewable technologies to deliver climate action, and in every project we develop, thoughtful consideration is given to what is appropriate for a local area.



It is intended to lodge a planning application in October 2021, and where successful, we would hope to commence initial construction activities 2022/2023 and be operational in 2024. As this proposal develops, we will continue to provide information on the project where appropriate.