Current Stage

  • 2017

    Planning Application Submission

  • 2018

    Planning Permission Granted

  • 2021

    Construction Started (Current Stage)

  • 2022 / 2023

    Compound Setup

  • 2023

    Solar Farm Construction (includ. civil works)

  • 2023

    Electrical Testing & Commissioning

From previous engagements that has been carried out on this project, we know that the construction traffic route was a concern raised by local residents. Therefore, we felt it was very important to outline what will be happening in the locality over the coming weeks.

Phase 2 works will start the week commencing 22nd August. The Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS) is Suir Engineering. They will commence enabling works with the formation of access roads and the establishment of offsite compounds in advance of mechanical installation works, which will commence in October. Transportation vehicles, including stone deliveries and haulage, will be in use. Every effort will be made to facilitate these vehicles as early in the day as possible and to minimise disruption on residents.

Access to and from the site will be via a one-way system. Delivery vehicles will leave M3 at Junction 5 (Dunboyne) and travel along the R157 before turning right onto the R156. From here the vehicles will turn onto the L6222 where they will travel approximately 0.5km to site. Both site entrances will be a left-hand turn from the L6222. On exit from the site delivery vehicles will be prompted to turn left only when leaving site and travel north along the L6222 to avoid any conflict on this slightly narrow road.


Southmeath location map