Why Knockraha?

Knockraha plays a pivotal role on the Irish electricity grid system and is one of only two substations (located outside of the Greater Dublin Area) that services five 220kV lines along with multiple 110kV powerlines. 

This is the only location where a single stability facility of this size and nature can be integrated into the grid system in this part of the country, where the most secure, efficient, effective stability service can be offered, without the need for additional overhead/underground transmission lines or other grid infrastructure. In the context of an Irish electricity grid system running predominantly on renewable energy, grid stability services will need to be positioned in the very best locations in order to ensure the stability and security of the grid system. 

To ensure that effective and efficient stability can be provided to the grid and to reduce the risk of faults or damage to the cabling, this facility needs to be located near the existing substation. Locating it further away would deliver less stability, with an increased risk of fault or damage. It is for the above reasons that the proposal is being brought forward at this location. 


Knockraha map

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