Project Being Considered


  • The site is located southwest of Edenderry
  • Site size – circa 90 hectares
  • Capacity to power circa 20,000 homes
  • Fixed south-facing frames
  • Panel height approx. 3 metres above ground level
  • Natural screening from existing vegetation and supplemented by a landscaping plan
  • Potential to increase biodiversity in the area
  • Community Benefit Fund associated with the project circa €150,000

Project Proposal

This proposal would involve installing solar panels on farmland/peatland in the local area which once operational, would provide renewable energy to the local electricity grid system. Should the proposal gain planning consent and ultimately be developed, it will have the capacity to power circa 20,000 homes with clean, green renewable energy.

The solar panels proposed here consist of monocrystalline silicon solar cells laminated behind a sheet of glass to make a weatherproof package. At the proposed height, the existing vegetation will provide significant screening of the site and additional planting is proposed within the landscaping plan to minimise visual change to the area.

The site is divided into a number of clusters. The central and western parts of the site are accessed from three different points along the R401, while the north-eastern part of the site is accessed from the local road to the east. (See draft site layout map below).


Layout Map

Kilcush Solar Project layout map

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Photomontages can be viewed on our VISUALS page.

At Statkraft, we are very much aware of the importance of having a mix of renewable technologies to deliver climate action. We build and operate both solar projects and wind farms, and in every project we develop, thoughtful consideration is given to what is appropriate for a local area.


Planning permission is targeted for late September 2021 for this project.