Statkraft is keenly aware of Ireland’s need to secure its own energy future.

There are a number of factors which can cause supply disruption, reinforcing the importance of utilising the clean, reliable energy sources we have here in Ireland. 

Renewable energy sources not only reduce our reliance on imported, polluting fossil fuels but they also ensure security of supply through climate-driven disruptions.

In 2022, geopolitical instability highlighted our dependence on fossil fuels, as we saw significant volatility across the market. Having our secure energy supply can help shield us from global market energy price increases. For example, the below illustrates the difference wind energy can make to wholesale electricity prices.

Energy prices

Wind Energy Ireland’s Annual Wind Energy Report for January 2024 reveals just how much wind energy can reduce the price of wholesale electricity. During the windiest periods of the month, the price of electricity per megawatt hour was 30% lower than the least windy periods.


WEI Energy Prices Jan 2024