At Statkraft Ireland we believe that a better, cleaner and more sustainable world is possible to achieve and that by working together, we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

As Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, Statkraft is already playing a significant role in combating climate change. Statkraft Ireland is endeavouring to develop suitable and appropriate renewable energy projects that will bring long-lasting benefits, not only to our country and our future generations but also to the local communities in which they are located. We believe that through positive engagement with local communities and the public, renewable energy projects that are socially and environmentally appropriate can be developed for the benefit of all.

It is important to us that our projects are considered in terms of the climate challenges being addressed. It is also vital that they are appropriate for the area, suitably located and delivered as part of a just transition. 

As a renewable energy developer, we have a responsibility to do what is right, and to do so in the right way. We would hope that our first steps in the development of this proposal will be recognised as open, transparent, and respectful. Addressing climate change and energy security warrants nothing less. 

During consultation, our objective is not to seek support for the proposal, but to provide information to allow you to develop your own considered opinion, based on accurate information, on what this proposal has to offer. As this process develops, we will continue to work with you to ensure that this wind farm delivers effective climate action while also delivering for the local area.