• A zero-carbon grid stability solution to replace the need for fossil fuel generation
  • The facility to be located near the existing substation

  • The height of the facility will be c.13m which, for context, is similar to the height of a mature tree

  • Landscaping and Screening – A landscaping plan has been prepared to allow the proposal to blend into the local landscape

  • Underground cable connection to Lodgewood substation

  • This facility would deliver inertia and reactive power services to the grid

  • The majority of the equipment required would be housed

  • This facility would connect to the existing substation strengthening the local network

  • Additional overhead lines would not be required or generate power and would not be a manned facility

Project Proposal

The Carney Grid Stability Project consists of a proposal to develop a synchronous compensator machine located within close proximity of the existing ESB Lodgewood substation. The proposal would not require any overhead lines as all cables would be underground and the machine would be housed in a building approx. 13m high which for context, is similar to the height of mature trees.

A stronger grid at the Lodgewood substation strengthens the local transmission network which in turn strengthens the underlying distribution grid which supplies the homes and businesses in the area. The synchronous compensator provides local voltage support and short-circuit current support during system disturbances.

The Irish grid system is on a path of transformation and Ireland is a world leader in terms of the integration of renewable energy onto an electricity grid system. Synchronous compensators are key to decarbonising the electricity that we use in our everyday lives and ultimately eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels.


Carney Grid Stability project layout mapClick image to open larger version in a new tab


While we can see continued progress in Ireland’s renewable energy production, we cannot have a zero-carbon electricity system without a grid infrastructure built to support it.

We believe that this proposal has the capacity to deliver climate action while bringing very real benefits to the local area and its people. Renewable energy production is essential to cut our carbon emissions and reduce Ireland’s dependency on costly imported fossil fuels.