Current Stage

  • 2018

    Planning Application Submission

  • 2019

    Planning Permission Granted

  • 2021 / 2022

    Construction Started (Current Stage)

  • 2022

    Compound Setup

  • 2022

    Solar Farm Construction (includ. civil works)

  • Q1 2023

    Electrical Testing & Commissioning

  • Q2 2023


From previous engagements that has been carried out on this project, we know that the construction traffic route was a concern raised by local residents. Therefore, we felt it was very important to outline what will be happening in the locality over the coming weeks.

Works are ongoing on all four sites. The Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS) is Suir Engineering, who have completed internal access roads perimeter fencing and site safety considerations such as site signage and hazard identifications. Mechanical installation works are now also ongoing across all sites and will continue until January 2023. Electrical and Commissioning Works will commence in December, and conclude in Spring 2023.


Ballymacarney location map